Coal Tar Soap

Coal Tar Soap
I’ve got a wee bar o’ coal tar soap.
It’s my constant companion
And fills me wi’ hope,
That my incessant cleansing
Will guard me against
The corona beastie sent here tae torment.

So thanks Mr. Wright
You’ve saved me fae an early Heaven,
Cause your wee bar o’ soap will surely deaden
The wee beasties congregating ready to strike
But they really don’t know that we’re ready to fight

Its lathery countenance and tarry fragrance
Belie the determination of its engagement
So to all those cheeky wee beasties
I know all along I’m protected from them
Because of the presence of my wee yellow gem.
Shirley Costello Gibson 24.03.2020

2 replies on “Coal Tar Soap”

Lovely evocative poem Shirley. I seem to remember it was a posh soap. I think it was used mostly as a guest soap in oor hoose. I loved the smell and being able to see through it.


Hi Theresa, My Mother had TB when I was I was 12yrs old and was admitted to Ashludie for a few months. When she came out , Mum introduced us to coal tar soap. I hated the smell at the time but got used to it. I can’t remember it being clear though. The soap we‘ve ‘got is yellowy orange. Thanks for your kind comment.


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