Ode to Troyboy

Troyboy now chasing sticks in doggy heaven

Shirley’s Ode to Troyboy
He looks at me with his mournful eyes
As on the couch he lies
His legs point up to the moon
And his bits gang aft awry

Yes, I’m talking about Troyboy
Indeed, an ode to joy
He’s often left us breathless
As he runs after his toys

But he collects up all his sticks
And guards them with his life
We wouldn’t try to take them from him
We couldn’t take the strife

The years have rolled on for Troyboy
He’s getting a wee bit slow
And his little legs are knocking together
Completely ruining his flow

But he never loses the fight
And still has the strength
to take all the covers
From me in the middle o’ the night

Goodnight then Troyboy
Fae me and Josh
Sleep the sleep of the righteous
And look after your gong
Shirley Costello Gibson

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