Personalised Items from Gibberz Creations

Personalised mugs still to come. Just send any photo to be made into a mug, jigsaw or tile. See examples below. I hope you also enjoy my wee poem about a fankle and a bourach, two great Scottish words

Gibberz Creations’ Personalised jigsaw from a painting by Phil Golden

Gibberz Creations’ Protect your worktop in style with a personalised tile from a painting by Phil Golden.

Since this lock doon business started
My Faither’s been working fae hame
Mind, he tells us he’ll sort oot any crisis
Isn’t that what Faither’s are fir?

So last week Mither got into a terrible fankle,
And it wis a’ tae dae wi’ mince.
The butcher told her it hadn’t been hung lang.
So she hung it ower the sink.

My Faither came in fae ben the hoose
Went straight ower tae the sink,
Whaur he found maist o’ his dinner,
Starting tae turn gey pink

I think that we’re heading fir a real bourach,
Says ma Faither tae ma maw.
Mind, we could always add some tatties:
A pot o’ stovies would be braw.

So, the bourach wis prevented,
Through Faither thinking oot the box.
But, he ate the stovies on his ain,
Cause we’d a’ hid fish and chips.
Shirley Gibson 01.02.2021